Ar Belle, The Cute Singapore Rabbit

Social Media Branding Campaign

In this project, we are to create a Social Media campaign for an imaginary company. Check out how we did our branding on our social media!

Chapter 1: Our Brand Story

The initial idea spun off with selling soft toys to raise funds for charity. Wanting not to be just any soft toy company, we decided to create our very own cartoon character like Hello Kitty! Understanding the importance of engagement with potential donors, we decided to run a social media campaign. 

Creating Ar Belle

We wanted our target audience to be able to relate to their favorite cartoon characters. Basing on what they liked, we created our character! 

Character: Playful, Friendly, Down to earth, Blur, Trendy

Hobbies: Blogging, Volunteering, Cafe-Hopping, Shopping, Watching TV/ Movies 

Favorite food: Apple cookies, Cakes

Favorite things: Kids, Old people, and Animals

Company Introduction

We specialize in the digital creation of cartoon characters and sell quality gift merchandise through e-commerce and retail stores. As a social enterprise, we hope to promote social inclusiveness through charity. 

Understanding our target Audience

Our inspiration comes from Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma. Thus, we did Facebook insights into their fan base and gathered the below findings of them:-

  • Mainly Females

  • Half are married 

  • Stays in Singapore

  • Ages from 25-44

  • Loves sweet, trendy and cute things

Content Strategy

Basing on our target audience's lifestyle and doing good, we revolved our content strategy around it.  With that in mind, we created a media plan for Ar Belle:-

  1.  Lifestyle - Memes, Hobbies, Singapore related, family and friends

  2. Charity - Old folks, Children

  3. Sales event - Christmas Special, Black Friday

  4. Impromptu - 100 subscribers, Monday Blues

Chapter 2: Ar Belle's Instagram journey

Now we have our character in place, it is time to put a face to Ar Belle. We only have a short time frame of 2 weeks to give a memorable impression of Ar Belle. Besides, we have to focus on getting the best ideas, constant engagement and fast execution. 

Finding Ar Belle

With Ar Belle's character in mind, we went all around Singapore to find the perfect soft toy. Firstly, we have to make sure that there are no copyrights involved. Secondly, it should be flexible enough to make different poses for our creatives. We finally found our perfect Ar Belle in a store in Chinatown!

Getting our followers

For this campaign, we have set the following goals:-

  1. Gain 100 followers

  2. Achieve 10% engagement

We managed our offline marketing by bringing a real doll around, it was there we got many curious bystanders following us on Instagram. Whereas online, we followed many cute cartoons and rabbit lovers who followed us back! 

Getting Engagement 

The follower numbers were rising. However, we noticed that we were not getting as much engagement. Hence, we started to comment and like other posts which got our engagements up a bit. In the meantime, we also included an impromptu polling Instagram story to get our followers involved in the story of Ar Belle. 

Pillars of Contents

To get our customers to purchase our products, we strategize the whole campaign into 5 phases and 5 different content strategies as below:-

  1. Soft Launch of Character

  2. Create Awareness

  3. Create Anticipation

  4. Community Engagement 

  5. CTA

Ar Belle's Gallery

  • Instagram

For full experience, follow Ar Belle on her Instagram!

Soft launch of Character

Create Awareness

Create anticipation

Community Engagement

CTA (Call to Action)

Chapter 3: Social Campaign Results

After 2 weeks of intense offline and online marketing, we managed to get plenty of buzz with Ar Belle. Check out below on how we fared throughout the campaign!

Most Favorited

We got a total of 14 likes for this post. Our seasonal X'mas CTA promotional proved to be the most liked.

Most Commented

We got a total 3 comments on this meme. Being trendy helped to bring in more followers and it brought in more hashtag visits.

Best Story

We had the most positive reactions for our "Thank You" story. In total, we had 35 reach, 26 positive interactions, and 6 navigation away. 





United States




42% Men

58% Women




15% engagement

1.6K Impressions

108 Reach

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