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In this project, we are to make SEO and UX Design recommendations for a B2B company

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Introduction to Ricoh

 We decided on office printers as our B2B choice due to our familiarity with the product. There are plenty of big players in the market such as HP, Fuji Xerox, and Brother. We chose Ricoh as it was a small player in the market with the potential to rise the ranks. 

Company Introduction

Ricoh is a global technology company with more than 80 years of history.


Ricoh's values are to inspire innovation, enhance sustainability and boost business growth.

Their services and products include office printers, document management systems, IT services, production print solutions.

For this project, we will be focusing on office printers. 

Ricoh's Competitors

We categorize their competitors into 2 separate categories- Direct & Indirect

Direct competitors being those who are manufacturing and selling office printers:- Fuji Xerox, HP, Brother

Indirect competitors being those who are on the SERP for "office printers" - Home n Office, Techradar, PC, Drum it loud.

Understanding the customers

We categorize our customers into 2 groups:-

1. Existing business (Lease expired or Printer broke down)

2. New business (Needs a new office printer)

Then, we dive deep into the customer journey which we summarized as below:-

1. Research - Types of printers 

2. Evaluate - Price, reviews, buying or leasing

3. Shortlist - Decides on few models and present to the decision maker

Primary Objectives 

Business Objective:

Increase market share by 3% by the end of Q1 2020


Marketing Objective:

Increase sales revenue for Office Printing Hardware by 3.5%


Campaign Objective:

Improve average website traffic volume by 5% and traffic volume to Ricoh’s Office Printers page by 3%

SEO Audit & Recomendations

With competitive analysis, we see how Ricoh fared in its SEO. By analyzing the competitors' good practices and our keyword research, we made recommendations on how Ricoh could improve its standing. 

Technical optimization 

Developing content 

We dive deep into the core motivation of our customers which includes: Printer functions, Cost-effectiveness, Time-efficiency, Volume of printing 

Also, we identified other core interests for our customers which are government grants, setting up of new business, the environmental impact of printing and new printing technologies.

Keyword Analysis

Based on our keyword research, we noticed that most website traffic to Ricoh are from customers that already knew Ricoh and they were not organic search for "office printers".

One reason could be Ricoh was using the wrong keywords on their website and they were not active in promoting their products on other platforms. 

Keyword Optimization 

The keyword used on Ricoh's website was office printing. But customers were not searching for it. We did several trends search and shortlisted "office printer" to be the main keyword. 

Further research on Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner, we shortlisted our keywords to: Best, All-In-One, Color Laser, Wireless, Small Business.

On-page Optimisation 

We analyzed their website and found several issues:-

1. The Page Title and Meta Descriptions were not informative. Unlike their competitors, theirs were the default. We suggested amending their description to include our optimized keywords

2. URL reflects "office printing". We suggested amending to "office printers" to have better SEO. 


We found several low-quality backlinks that have no relevance to Ricoh or are error pages and we recommended to remove them.

To add good backlinks, we recommended the following to build up their content:-

1. Guest Blogging
2. Win-win partnership with indirect competitors
3. Create blogs on the website 

Types of content

There are 3 different types of content as below:-

1. Evergreen - Titles come from long-tail keyword research and customer key motivations

2. Seasonal - Planned, predictive and opportunistic

3. Engaging - Get customers involved by posting questions on LinkedIn 

Website UX Audit & Recommendations 

Having a good customer experience is essential to the brand's perception and that will eventually lead to a purchase and then customer loyalty. Our recommendations are based on our optimized keywords while keeping in mind to optimize the customer's journey to purchase at the website. 

Competitive Analysis

We noticed a few strengths that the competitors had over Ricoh as below:-


1. All of them had filter tools

2. Easy navigation to the product page on their website from the relevant pages. 

3. Prices were indicated with their products 

UX Audit 

Indirect manner of getting to web page specifically for office printers


Locals are not familiar with the term "facsimiles" but are using the term "fax machines" instead 

Cultural Differences

Contact info and address not available on website. 

Incomplete information 

Indirect manner of getting to web page specifically for office printers


Significant amount of above the fold space unused.

Space wastage

Nearly identical information on both "multifunctionals" & "printers" pages

Duplicate information 

UX Recommendations

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