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My Projects

Ar Belle, The Cute Singapore Rabbit

Social Media Campaign

Dive right into the creation and journey of Ar Belle. Let me take you through our exciting adventures along the way. I will show you how we managed to create a memorable character that caused a huge buzz among my GA classmates! 

Reinventing Ricoh

SEO and UX Design

With the many big players in the office printer market, small brother Ricoh finds it hard to stand out. Implementing an extensive step-by-step approach to SEO and UX audits, we found several ways how it could improve and rise up further the ranks.

Heveya, Comfort Meets Nature

Google Ads & Email Campaign

Tapping on the new wave of eco-friendly and health-conscious consumers, the mattress newcomer wants to make a strong foothold in the Singapore market. Check out how Heveya could make itself known on the digital platform. 

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Wooden Joy

Facebook Ads

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