Display Ads

Under the display ad campaigns, there are 2 separate Ad groups - one targeting the Expat group and the other one targeting the Local group. 

Heveya, Comfort meets Nature 

Google Ads and Email campaign

This is an individual project where I have to do a Google Ads and  Email campaign for an actual company. 


Heveya was chosen due to the increasing interest in eco-friendly products. In addition, there has been a growing trend of health-conscious consumers that gives rise to interest in getting good sleep the natural way.

Target Customers 

European Bedding initially targeted at the expat market but soon grew its customer base to include the locals. Both groups of customers are approximately the same size. 

Most of the customers are married and are above 30 years of age. The average order value is about $3000 per transaction. Thus, most of the customers would purchase in-store after several visits. 

Customer Journey

I've categorized the customers into 3 groups with different intents - moving into a new house, replacing an old mattress and replacing an unsuitable mattress. There 4 different phases of the customer journey as below:-

Awareness - Types and benefits of mattress

Consideration - Prices and customer reviews

Purchase - Evaluate based on actual trial

Loyalty - Had great service and decided to purchase again. 

Company Values

The company prides itself on giving the best service and quality products to its customers. In that, they choose to partner only with companies who share the same values. 

All the products are certified organic and natural. The mattress is imported from an established plant in Spain. 


I have categorized the direct competitors into 2 different segments:- 
 1. Competitors of similar pricing such as Tempur, Simmons, and Sealy
2. Competitors selling full latex mattress such as Sofzsleep, Getha, Willow.

Among the latex mattress, Heveya tops the chart. Whereas, among all the other brands, Heveya is at the bottom. 

Other indirect competitors include Courts and Casterly

There are several types of google ads. Here we evaluate and recommend what will be the most cost-efficient and gets the best result among. 

Google Ads Campaign

Based on my analysis of our target audience,  I have created a Google Ads campaign and reflect what works best with a budget of $10,000 per month. 

Paid Search Campaign

I have created 3 different paid search campaigns with the ad-groups as below:-

1. +Mattress +Singapore - General, Cooling, Custom, Best, Pain, Support, Competitors

2. +Latex +Mattress - General, Best, Organic, Dunlop, Support, Pain, Custom, Competitor

3. Own Brand - +Heveya, +European Bedding 

Negative keywords such as -sales, -cheap,    -too soft, -too firm, -bad, -worst

Keyword Research 

Based on my keyword research using Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest, "mattress in Singapore" has more searches and were higher in intent. 

Also, latex mattresses had a growing trend in Singapore. 

Based on these 2 findings, I shortlisted 2 main keywords, "Mattress Singapore" and "Latex Mattress" 

Company Introduction

European bedding is the company behind the Heveya brand. Despite being a new entrant of 5 years in the Singapore Market, it is ranked top in Latex Mattress for SERP ranking. 

The company specializes in providing eco-friendly bedding solutions for customers. 

For this project, we will be focusing on their core product the 100% organic natural latex mattress. 

Expat group

Websites: Singapore Expats, Expat Living, Home and Décor, Square Rooms, The Finder

Youtube:  Georgia Caney, Expat Living Singapore, The Expat Mama, Anita Kapoor

In-market audience: Mattresses & Bedding

Local group

Websites: Property Guru , Gum Tree, Home and Décor, Square Rooms, Straits Times, Channel News Asia

Youtube:  Singapore Tatler, The Smart Local, Channel News Asia, Straits Times

In-market audience: Mattresses & Bedding

Re-targeting Display Ads

It is also essential to take note of those who visited the webpage. I have split this group into 2 separate categories depending on how near they are to purchase the product. 

Category 1

This group of customers left after visiting the product page. They need to be more convinced about the mattress. Hence, I have incorporated the "Book an appointment" button for a trial at our studio

Category 2

This group of customers has put the mattress in the cart but somehow they have abandoned the cart. Hence, we have included the "Whatsapp" button for easy communication. 

Email Campaign

As the company is relatively new, it does not have a proper email campaign. However, an email campaign is one of the most useful methods in re-targeting and loyalty. 

Want to know more? Download the powerpoint slides. 

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