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I’ve spent 10 years in sales and customer service roles in the chemical industry. Through this period I experienced how digital adoption and creative marketing could impact product positioning and sales. With this growing interest, I’ve recently committed myself to two months of immersive study in digital marketing practices and I’m ready to find a great team to keep learning and making a difference.

Previous Job Experiences

Being in the front-line in the past 10 years in both B2B and B2C companies gave me insights on the customer's journey. It aided in developing impactful marketing campaigns for my projects. See my job experiences and how I could aid your company in your marketing campaigns. 

European Bedding 

Sales Executive

Jun 2019 to present

Having worked in a B2B firm for 10 years, I wanted to have an experience in a B2C firm. I chose to work in a bedding company as I noted a concern among many of my friends on getting a night of good sleep. 

Working as a part-time sales, I serviced new customers that visit the showroom. I'm seen as a sleep expert to resolve customers' sleep concerns.

I learned about the customer journey and the relevant questions to determine at which stage the customer is in on the customer journey. 


At the awareness phase, I had to explain more about the benefits of the mattress. Whereas at the consideration phase, I have to let my customers try the mattress and re-enforce what is good for them. The different customer's personalities also meant I have to change my sales tactics accordingly. 

The most important thing I have learned is that it pays off to have a unique selling point for companies. My company prides in selling only organic latex mattress. Having a good product that I believe in makes good sales.

WWRC Singapore 

Sales Executive

Jan 2018 - Mar 2019

In the midst of challenging myself further in interpersonal skills, I took up the role of a sales executive in a chemical trading firm. As my management had great trust in me, I was given a budget of S$3.6 million. My main job duties include setting sales strategies, getting new customers and servicing existing customers. I managed major customer accounts such as ExxonMobil, Idemitsu and Teknor Apex. 

In this sales role, I brought in additional sales worth S$660,000 per year with Changchun Singapore. For Solvay Singapore, I brought back an existing sales worth S$200,000 and increased the margin from 1% to 4.8%.

Stress management was also an important part that I need to manage as I have constant targets to meet. As my management places great importance on the sales team, I have to be on top of any new opportunities or updates on our customers. 

Crisis management was also another skill I learned. We cannot expect everything to be smooth going especially when new sales are being closed. The first few transactions will be full of hiccups from deliveries to product quality issues. It is essential to have a team behind with support. After some time, I have learned to calm, investigate, act fast and work as a team.  

WWRC Singapore 

Business Coordinator

Jun 2009 to Dec 2017

Right after my graduation in university, I joined WWRC. As a business coordinator, I was in charge of logistics, operations, and customer service. 

In this job role, I was in charge of overseas export customers such as Jotun, Akzo Nobel Singapore. My total budget amounting to S$720,000. In 2017, I exceeded my budget by 120%. 

I was also tasked with supporting and coordinating the logistics and operations. I was fully in charge of implementing the SAP system in my company. I was the key administrator that has access to the full system. In this job role, I managed to reduce paperwork by 5% and enhance current procedures which increased staff efficiency by 2 hours per year. 


Being in the business coordinator role, I learned to multi-task within the different departments. Also being involved in many different areas, I learned the importance of each job role. It also gave me the background knowledge I needed to understand my customers before I stepped into being an official sales. 

Being in this role, the most important thing I have learned is to manage conflicts. We often had differing opinions in the sales and admin departments. For example, the sales will promise the customers an early delivery but the admin is unable to handle. It is then, I have to find out the reasons for not being able to deliver as promised and the extra charges which are involved to fulfil the customer. Also, I will explain to the sales how the profit is affected because of their promise to the customer. 

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